The singer/guitarist duo, Timberwood

Greg and Heather met as music teachers in 2006 were married in 2009.  Greg's been playing guitar for twenty-five years, picking up heavy metal, classic rock, jazz, blues and classical along his way.  Heather's been singing and playing piano for twenty years, picking up opera, folk and rock along her way.  Together, their own individually unique musical experiences combine to create a brilliant new sound.

Imagine what would happen if a metal guitarist and a classically trained singer made acoustic music, if they stripped away any gloss and effects, and if every one of their original songs and creative renditions were built by heart, from the bottom up.  

This is Timberwood.

Timberwood is wife and husband duo, Heather and Greg Lanza, whose music combines guitar, piano and voice to create a sound that celebrates folk, rock, pop and the blues.  Heather and Greg met in Virginia as music teachers in 2006, married in 2009 and moved to northeast Florida in 2012 after the birth of their daughter.

Since 2014, when they were asked to put together a short set to perform at a Saint Augustine, Florida coffeehouse, Timberwood has performed its diverse, ever-changing set at private events, restaurants and pubs, festivals and other public events across Georgia and Florida.  That set includes both fresh and unexpected covers and original music sharing deeply personal experiences.

Most recently, Timberwood was invited to perform as a part of Saint Augustine's third annual Sing Out Loud Festival and at Daytona Beach's Main Street Live Festival in February.

Timberwood recorded its first full length record in December of 2018 at Eclipse Recording Studio in Saint Augustine, Florida.  Compact discs are now available by postal mail.


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